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Senior Move Manager

As a Senior Move Manager and  member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, NASMM, I have the resources to help relieve the physical and emotional stress associated with the overwhelming decisions of how to downsize and transition to a new residence after living a lifetime in your current home. My customized floor plans provide peace of mind showing how nicely your furniture will fit into your new residence. My goal would be to remove the burden of dealing with all these details and to make this transition as smooth as possible, while listening to and following my clients’ wishes as to how to proceed with the move.

• Overseeing move day

• Referring moving companies, packers, unpackers

• Downsizing and simplifying possessions

Assisting with decision of what furniture to move with  you

Coordinating closet installers, decorators, painters, etc.

• Referring Realtors and Stagers

• Custom floor plans

• Arranging charitable donations of unwanted items

• Arranging for profitable disposal of unwanted items

• Shipping/storage of furniture

• Arranging dumpsters

• Notifications of address change,transfer of utilities, etc.

• Home cleanouts

Assisting seniors with every detail of relocating, stress-free . . .

The New York Times, December 30, 2010 . . . “many families are finding senior move managers indispensable, and not just because they handle the logistics. Tensions can spill over when an elderly parent must relocate. Hundreds of necessary decisions and actions can swallow time the family may not have; the inevitable negotiations and concessions can trouble even the best parent-child relationships.”

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The Journal of Geriatric Care Management calls Senior Move Managers a knowledgeable, professional resource with whom Geriatric Care Managers partner. They are well equipped to handle the labor intensive, sometimes time critical requirements. They specialize in the late life transitions where downsizing is the norm and have a variety of proven resources for disposal or donation of belongings.

Smart Money, May, 2011,  describing Senior Move Managers . . . “a compassionate facilitator steeped in the ethical and safety issues of dealing with this often vulnerable population.”

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NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers

NASMM - National Association of Senior Move Managers
NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers - Connecticut Chapter

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